President’s Note Fall 2016

We currently have several projects underway at GCSNA.  Here’s a recap:

Interpretive Trail:  The project is nearing completion!  As you may remember we received $19,000 from Impact SA to kick start the project.  Superintendent Chris Holm has done the rest.  The total project costs, including “in-kind” services is approximately $145,000!  The 1.5 mile, fully accessible trail should be open by December 1st.  Check out the photo below showing current construction.

Native Grassland Restoration Project: This project was funded by a $20,000 grant from the Holloman Price Foundation.  Historically, a large portion of the SNA consisted of an open grassland prairie, however, over time with European settlement, this grassland was converted to ranch and farm land and subsequently (with the suppression of natural fire and overgrazing) became overgrown with Ashe Juniper, Mesquite, and numerous non-native grass species.  This project is coming along but some of the weeds are stout and additional treatments have been required.

Children’s Nature Playscape:  This project was partially funded by a $38,000 grant from the Kronkosly Foundation.  We had to raise a matching amount in order to receive the funds.  The project design has been completed by Bender Wells Clark Design.  The project construction has been estimated and has come in over our original projected budget.  Meeting with the contractor, designer and board members resulted in the cost coming down $16,000 but we are still approximately $21,000 over what we have reserved for the project.  The board is looking at additional fund raising to provide more funds since we like the design and don’t want to reduce the size or quality of the project.

Amphitheatre:  Did you know we had an Amphitheatre project?  Well we do, it is just in its planning phase.  Lake Flato Architects have generously agreed to donate design services for this project.  The project budget is $350,000.  The site is at the corner of Parking Lot C, where there are existing restroom facilities.  Stay tuned for more information… and opportunities to help!

Peter Grojean, President